Agustus 28, 2017

You know it's a self-centered love. When you wake up at 5am on Sunday morning, then had ran. Ran for everything that sadly immured you. Ran for 4-5 rounds and had another joyous event you had to attend, introduced yourself for million times to stranger, played with children when you really knew that you were not ever love children at all, teach them a fun yet meaningful game, saw innocent faces of them while answered your questions just realized that life was so great but you never really bear it, went to bookstore and read it-so-me books, drank a large-cup of root beer float, brought some sweet cakes to be eaten on the bus while listened to shuffled playlist on Spotify when the dusk came, decided to walk instead of took public transportation just because you really want to escape the lights of the city when night came. And what matter was no handphone grabbed in your hand.

It's literally what I called about self-centered love.

I easily get distracted of what surrounds impulsed to things that literally didn't matter much to me, lately. I feel so bored of social life. Strolled timeline of Line then found some viral messages fulfilled with "viralkeun" comments. I knew sometimes it had any impacts, but how much? Yet, I felt like they just wanted that kind of attention, rarely for them got solutions, tho. Strolled over Instagram and lately felt so annoyed with its fitures; I only viewed stories of whom I really cared about, I posted photos then archived them, I opened explore tab only found those beauty one covered by make up, online shops, foods, quotes, I opened direct messages tab and found some old things I refused to read again. Strolled over Twitter that fulfilled with twit wars, creepy jokes which only me who know what it means. I also hided myself of people, fast response on responding important messages only; and could replied within a day until five days. Updated of things were not meant to share everything publicly, I found that it was more meaningful when I did not share it, only two of us; to the certain circle.

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