Agustus 15, 2017


Karena ruangan sebidang kosong lol mau surprise w kyknya ya tiba-tiba kosong gini abis makan siang, end up dengan meratapi tugas ku yang kok ada-ada ajah, meratapi PL yang masih 13 hari lagi.. tapi ketimpa izin beberapa hari yang membuat weekendku harus ke lapang #isok #internslyf #manaliburanku

Once, I have a really deep talks about how life changes me in a lot of sights. Its challenges; its chances. I am in the midst of “I need helps” like really I am. But I know that I am a terrible story teller & choose to keep it alone wk. Since I realized that things changed a lot in me, I knew something couldn’t work anymore. An extrovert one just turned. I never imagine that one month is not enough yet for me to adapt in this situation, it never happened; but now, it’s real. Jadi canggung, kikuk? Even honestly all things are still under control.

We may look so happy for shits we hided; we try to create connections after being rejected for million times. But, once; come a time we may feel.. so useless?

I do not lose my hopes in anything of I am working on now. But, sometimes I feel so small; feel so lack of spirits. How can these negativity come?

Move to another things I do want to share, that I endlessly feel so sad of this. Hwe.

Kak Andrie - Dayut - Kak Col - Kak Irv
Kak Dins - Me - Kak Anggi - Kak Nesu

Sesedih itu, ditinggal sama manusia-manusia di foto itu. "It gets real", Kak Nesu. No more, "kak gue main ke kostan lo ya", even kostannya jauh di antah berantah karena gue mau nangis tapi gue gamau cerita; but still, they knew exactly. No more, "makan yuk" jam 11 malem, just because I need somebody to talk to. A home of mine (di IPB), they changed the perspective; buddies who know how badly I am to tell stories, the first one who concluded that I am an introvert. Orang yang finally ngerti why I have to put these responsibilities, why I have to do that kind of double-trouble jobs. Who support me in all of conditions, who never leave, and who introduce me to "reality". Masih keinget jelas jaman di kostan Kak Irv; Kak Nesu, back up each other mau lagi sakit; susah; ujian hidup macem apapun, talk about romance until how the earth formed sampai subuh padahal w praktikum jam 7. Lol guys, me really sad now. Bersisa gue dan Dayut di tingkat akhir (obrolan terakhir sama ni manusia "tinggal kita fu, sedih ya" wk sambil ngomongin deadline hidup); dan Kak Nesu yang koas. Time flies so damn fast yah.. seneng karena kalian sidang dan lulus which means you passed it well tapi sedih juga kalian meninggalkan w. Mixed feelings of abg emang:( Doakan Afu syari & protected-kid yea semoga tidak bodoh-bodoh amat gitu sekarang dan selamanyaAaA. Ditunggu tamparan-tamparannya mwah!


Agustus 07, 2017

we need no months to count how much we deeply fall to these combinations.

but sometimes good things are not meant in the same time.