Juli 11, 2017

Along we are getting older, much problems are finished by letting go. It demands less ego, less tears, less conflict; whether it is in ourselves or others. I am kind of person who can not express my anger well. I am expressive but finding myself hard in controlling my anger. I mean, where I am on my peak to loose it; I am only sobbing with tissues suround. How come? I don't even know. I keep silence to person whose I am getting anger with or things I don't like than to say I am not OK with their acts, sayings, etc. So please, do not ask me a lot of questions which only disturb my conditions. Hew.

I thought that all humans should read KBBI and Quran as well; thus they can not judge others and the most important; they know what they talked about. How if they were getting know things by their presence around you, and you were not realizing them?
- here a message to judges,
to person who doesn't know how to thank to.

Some messages on birthday wishes which I received have been turning to things I don't even want to re-read,
because it hurts.

Yaudah, mau curcol ajasi karena manusia-manusia kayak gitu percuma ga ngerti meski dikasih tau berkali-kali. But still, thank you.

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