Januari 14, 2017

A kind of you really need time to heal something you don't know how to call that feeling. Given you are the time that you thought you have reached the maximum; maximum of being kind and maximum of being too bad, when all you really want is to quit that phase and create space as much as you can. Can you tell the negatives when you are not being asked, or when you are not ready to hear that answers? Or are you the one who never get angry to people (for what they've done to you)? Or maybe you are the one who can't say no? You may the one who save lot of feelings, but you just lost yours.


she is kind,
but she meets her limit
but she keeps going

she is brave,
but she meets herself stop
when it's too dark
to go

she smiles
for things
you may don't know
what she fights;
 and what she hides

she is though
but she will break


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