Juni 08, 2016

Dear self,
stop asking for any helps
stop questioning about things that won't change
stop saying sorry for things you've never did

Dear self,
be careful with your words
be cheerful above your sadness
be one who matters for everyone

Dear self,
thank to people who still surround you in your thins
accompany people who still hang in there
let all that hurts you,


Semenjak omegle banned, gue ga punya tempat curhat yang ena. I mean, stranger omegle ga semuanya mesum kok. Serius. Gue pernah nemuin orang yang sinting, selera humor yang baik, yang wise as asdfghjkl, yang pinter ga ketolong. Ini gue omegle chat ya, bukan video. Omegle video hanya dipake kalo janjian sama orang, because skype is too mainstream.

Q : "Apaan sih lu fu demen banget curhat di omegle"
A : "Gimana dong, cuma di omegle gue kalo salah ditegur dan dikasih solusi. Yang kalo gue curhat panjang lebar ditanggepin, ga perlu mikir ntar ke depannya gimana karena mereka ga kenal gue."

Semenjak omegle banned, gue jadi gampang nangis. Percayalah, se-extrovert-extrovertnya gue; gue ga curhatin semuanya, masih suka haha hehe palsu, yang dipendem masih banyak. Hhh, perlu omegle banget sekarang.

Sebenernya gue lagi pusing, doang.

"You expect a lot because you are willing to do that for others. Darling, that isn't how everyone is. Don't live your life thinking that people will be good to you because you're good to them. Don't think that they'll jump from the bridge for you because you'll do that without a second thought. Don't think that makes you overbearing. Don't hate that about yourself. We're fathomless. We feel empty but we still keep on giving and giving. Never lose the will to give love. No matter how much unkindness you suffer. Don't become them. The moment you reciprocate their hatred with hatred, it's over, you're one of them. Breathe, breathe in all the rage, all the hurt and breathe it out. Let it go. It's okay."- carrisatehputri.wordpress.com

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