April 12, 2016

By the age of 19, I got much more pains,
I through pretty a lot of sicknesses.
Things I’ve never be wondered turns to be happened.
And even worse, things get much in trouble.
Right now.

By the age of 19, I hurt till I can’t even describe how it was.
I cried until no one can listen how terrible it was.
But still,
I can be laughed out loud, a sec.
After I sobbed a real hard.
I can be smiled warmer.
After I fell apart.

And, it gets me like how to get myself more prepare to face other breakdowns or stop giving attention to my surround, or any other chances for people to get my life in. Now, and on; I'll be giving you all the spaces that we do really need.

"Dia bisa kayak gitu karena ngabisin jatah gagalnya lebih dulu dari gue, terserah lo maunya kapan, Fu. Kalau baru segini aja udah ngeluh, mau kayak apa lo dan mereka ntar."

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