Happy Twenty!

Juni 22, 2016

Dear Gening,

My long-distance-partner in almost everything we could relate to. Writing? Discussing? Eating? Sharing ugly faces? And so on. I never thought to have someone as this close, even separated by kms but still contacting each other in ups and downs, supporting through motivational words and peaceful ayats.

Aku ga lupa ulang tahun kamu kok. Swear. Tapi lagi mikir how surprise you with something special more than foods in your tummy through miles apart. E he he.

Dear Gening,

Happy turning 20.
Twenty that means new beginning and a new you. No more upset about what you have passed yesterday, no more tears like johnsons baby always motivated us.

Wishing you my deepest and more-than-words-wishes to be wished because we really know that Allah hear every lil things in our minds. Semoga selalu dalam lindungan Allah ya dan terus selalu bermanfaat untuk Ibu, Ayah, negara, dan agama.

Twenty that means honest about yourself in a whole.

Keep being Gening who is a silly, cute, and amazing! See you when I see you!

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