To Dive Deeper

April 06, 2015

Lagi UTS and ya. Sorry for making all the laughs stopped suddenly.

"When sooner or later it's over..... and you can't fight the tears that ain't coming" Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

All the things that ruined during this week, passing all over and falling then; semakin membuat sadar kalau yang dipaksakan tidak sebaik itu dan tidak kunjung membaik. Lirik di atas sudah mewakili sih sebenernya. Maaf, terlalu jahat sampai akhirnya tega untuk mengucapkan itu semua dan ya... fellas! Selalu ada doa ko, buat kamu.

I never regret to have you at that time, having all of the night conversation with heavy eyes, talking about what we did and supporting each other. I never regret; thank you for being the one I was looking for at campus also become a moodbooster and the only one who can break it all. Even at the end you knew that I'm not that strong to wait for too long anymore and all of these shits need to be stopped. And we both know that we are not the aim of what we should go. Good luck ya! Dive deeper to find the pearl!


NB : Afu lagi ambyar. Seambyar dengerin lagu Sementara-Float pas hujan terus liriknya... ga pas sih sebenernya. Yaudah.

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